Chateau Coubillou

The Gym & Fitness Suite

Outdoor Swimming Pool We now have a two storey, full commercial gym and fitness centre. Inside you will find everything to enable you to perform your usual workouts. With 25 stations (machines), dumbells from 2.5kg up to 50kg and over 1500kg in Olympic weights, we have enough equipment to suit every ones needs, from fitness to bodybuilding. The gym also has available a four person infrared sauna with chromatherapy, boxing area, changing rooms and shower room.

For the more serious athletes, we have a wide range of top quality American supplements available to purchase in the gym. The supplements include protein, gainers, creatine, glutamine, liquid whey and energy drinks. So there’s no need to use up valuable space in your flight baggage by packing your favourite supplements for your trip!

On site we also have fully qualified instructors for advice and personal attention, should it be required.